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Vehicles > Blend Share

In this form the user defines which fuel blend each vehicle type is using. Specified blends exist for both petrol (E0, E5, E10, E70, E85, E100) and diesel vehicles (B0, B7, B10, B20, B30, B100) in the option "set main fuels" at bottom-left corner. Once defined the user must then provide the blend energy share for each vehicle type. A maximum of 2 blends can be used.

The effect of each blend to the emissions or energy consumption can be found in the methodology report of COPERT.

A new important feature in this form is the updated blend mix and share used to balance the energy consumption. If the user wishes to perform an energy balance, in order for the calculated consumption to match the statistical, COPERT calculates new blend types and shares. These values are then used to calculate not only energy consumption but also emissions. The values provided here are not updatable.

When one wishes to introduce own values and not use those proposed by the software, he/she can simply replace the proposed value by typing in the respective cell. The value will be displayed red indicating an updated value. If the user wishes to finalize the update he/she must click on the "Apply" button. The value will be displayed as black in an orange cell indicating a user value. In order to restore the default values, the user needs to right click on the value he wishes to restore and select "Set default values" from the proposed menu. Alternatively, he/she can select all values in the form by pressing "Ctrl + a" and then by right-clicking restoring all to the default values.

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