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Exchange > Export CRF (Excel File)

With this form the user can export data to the CRF file after calculating emissions from all years. Before performing any export, the user should export the corresponding excel template (including the structure/nodes and the years) from the CRF reporter. From the form, the user selects the year(s) and the relevant information (i.e. activity data, emissions etc) that he/she wishes to export. By clicking the option “Clear all excel years” all information included in the file (as exported by the CRF reporter) will be erased. In order to upload the exported data to the CRF Reporter, this empty file should be imported in the CRF Reporter.

Figure 1 - CRF Export Form

It should be noted that COPERT is able to export data to all the nodes under 1.A.3.b Road Transport. In order to export emissions from lubricants from two-stroke engines, the node, as depicted in the following figure, should be added manually by the user in the CRF Reporter. The remaining emissions from lubricants are exported by COPERT under “2.D.3 Other (please specify)”. Please keep in mind that based on the IPCC guidelines 2006, these emissions should be reported under “2.D.1 Lubricant Use”. But, in order to avoid any loss of data (i.e. the user has already included emissions in this category from other sources of lubricants), COPERT exports these emissions in category “2.D.3 Other (please specify)”. The user can then decide whether he/she wishes to move these emissions to the category “2.D.1 Lubricant Use”.

Figure 2 - Navigation tree