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Exchange > Export NFR (Excel File)

With this form, the user can export data to the NFR file. By clicking on “Browse..” a standard Windows popup form will appear and the user has to select the required file. Please keep in mind that a correct NRF file should be selected. The user has to select which year he/she wishes to export by clicking on the dropdown menu of “Export Year”. It should be mentioned that the NFR excel file should include the corresponding sheet with the name “NFR-xx”, where xx represents that two last digits of the selected year (i.e. for year 2014, the name of the sheet should be NFR-14).

By clicking the option “Override Other solvent use (line 90)”, the emissions of lubricants (except for the two-stroke engines) will be exported in line 90 of the NFR file and if any data are included in this line, they will be overwritten.