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Fuel > Statistical consumption

In this form, the user has to provide the statistical energy consumption in case he/she wants COPERT to perform an energy balance. Providing values is not enough, the user also has to select to "perform automatic energy balance". Data provided here are for primary fuels only, and there is an option to provide 2 different Petrol, Diesel, and LPG energy consumption values if such information exists. Different values denote that in the Fuel>Specifications form different fuel characteristics have been provided by the user.

In order to balance the statistical and the calculated energy consumption, the software follows a two-step approach. First, it matches the fossil/bio energy consumption ratio defined in the statistical values by modifying the blend type and blend share (Vehicles>Blend Share). Once this is achieved a second modification to the mileage is applied in the form of a correction factor in order to match the total statistical energy consumption level. These updated values for both the fuel blend characteristics and the annual mileage are then used to calculate the total emissions.

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