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Vehicles > Stock & Activity Data

In this table form, the user can input data for Stock, Mean Activity (km/year), and Lifetime Cumulative Activity (km). Like any other table form, the user is able to import/export these data from/to an excel/CSV file, and there are also the options of undo/redo available.

The Lifetime Cumulative Mileage is relevant for both the calculation of evaporative emissions and the estimation of mileage degradation parameters. This value is the mean distance traveled by each vehicle of a specific technology level since the introduction in the market. This value is then used to provide an emission degradation factor depending on vehicle age (or, total mileage driven).

To filter vehicle sectors use the drop-down list in the top left corner of the form.

A new important feature in this form is the updated activity calculated in order to balance the energy consumption. If the user wishes to perform an energy balance, in order for the calculated consumption to match the statistical, COPERT calculates a new Mean Activity. This activity is used to calculate not only energy consumption but also emissions. The values provided here are not updatable.

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